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National Award in the Field
of Business Aviation

16 February 2018

Applications for the main nominations

1. Business Aviation Airline (National)

In this nomination we invite to participate Russian airlines with effective AOC.
The airline should have at least two business jets in its operator’s certificate. The business jet shall mean a Russian or foreign aircraft for transportation of 4 to 25 passengers with VIP class passenger cabin. These aircraft shall used on a fee basis for commercial purposes.

2. General Aviation Operator (International participation)

Nomination is for Russian and international participation for companies involved in private aircraft management on basis of a national license or a recognized international standard (IS-BAO).

3. Foreign Business Aviation Airline (international participation)

Foreign commercial business aviation airlines frequently performing chartered international commercial flights to Russia from Europe or other continents and regions mostly upon their Russian clients or broker companies’ requests shall be present in this nomination. Participating shall be only for companies flying under three-letter codes of commercial airlines.

4. Airport Infrastructure for Business Aviation – Russian federal cities

This nomination is for FBOs, located in the Russian Federal cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

5. Most popular Business Aircraft

5.1. light jet
5.2. midsize jet
5.3. heavy jet

This competition is for aircraft – each in its own category. Number of applications is not limited!

6. Maintenance Company – MRO (international participation)

Both Russian and foreign MRO companies may participate in this nomination. Foreign MRO company should have the approval from Russian CAA and be experienced in serving airplanes of Russian business jet airlines.

7. Flight Support Company

This nomination is for companies providing professional service to Russian and foreign airline:
– Flight permissions;
– Flight planning;
– Organization of ground handling and fueling, including with support of own representatives and agents;
– Crew visa support;
– Transfers, catering, hotel booking and other services.

8. Broker Company

Companies offering their clients services on provision of particular aircraft required to perform particular air transport operations shall participate in the nomination. In this case, brokers usually engage third-party aircraft.

10. Project of the Year in Business Aviation (international participation)

Any new Russian or foreign business aviation project developing most dynamically or showing high growth rates in 2017, or demonstrating innovations or process breakthroughs in the Russian market may participate in this nomination. Foreign companies may also participate in this nomination.

9. Service company in business aviation

This nomination is only for the Russian service community, covering companies providing service on:
– Cleaning and laundry service both on aircraft and out of it;
– Training centers for business aviation;
– Staff agencies for specialized personnel;
– IT companies with solutions for business aviation;
– Hotels;
– Transfer companies.

11. Award for an outstanding contribution to development of Business Aviation in Russia

During the Ceremony the RUBAA Board will introduce the Award to the person, whose contribution to the industry development cannot be left without attention.

12. Catering for Business Aviation

This segment is now so developed, that it deserves a separate category. Quality food is one of important parts of passenger’s comfort on-board. Professionals – catering companies – will strike to be named the best on the market.

13. Airport Infrastructure for Business Aviation – Russian regions

Nominees are Russian companies that own, operate or control the airport business aviation infrastructure at airports excepting the Federal cities, and providing:
– passenger and crew service;
– apron and hangars for airplanes storage;
– ground handling;
The company should have a “service” component providing a wide range of additional services. Activity should be performed in accordance with current legislation.