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National Award in the Field
of Business Aviation

22 February 2019

Kazan international airport, JSC

Генеральный директор МАК
Director General
Alexey Alexandrovich Starostin
Nominated: Business aviation infrastructure (terminals and hangar blocks)

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Organization Name Kazan international airport, JSC
VAT or Registration number 1660000344
Airport, Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan,
the Russian Federation, 420017
Director General, CEO Alexey Alexandrovich Starostin
Telephone 267-86-99, 254-01-49 (fax)
E-mail office@airportkzn.ru
Web site kazan.aero
Year of foundation 1979
Main activity Airport
 Number of employees 1525
Clearance from any fiscal claims  is missing
Full contact information of person responsible for this application  

Veronika Alexandrovna Aktasheva
Strategic Development Director
Kazan international airport, JSC
Telephone: +7 843 267-88-30
Information on licenses, certificates, and other documents necessary for organization performance; quality and safety certificates, etc.
Statute as of 11.11.2016
Certificate of entry in the Unified State Register of
Legal Entitles series 16 №001629579,
Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authorities
series 16 №007469388


Over the last few years the main airport of Tatarsan made huge steps in all directions of its development.
As part of Federal Targeted Programme “Development of Russia’s Transport System in 2010–2020”, the project on airfield reconstruction of Kazan airport was carried out, airfield infrastructure reconstruction of Kazan international airport was conducted, a new building of supervisory unit was built.
According to the results of the major reconstruction programme 2013, the airport had an air-terminal complex with three standalone terminals, provided with high-technology equipment. All-new passenger terminal 1А is provided with four aircraft bridges, which allow to increase a comfort level of passenger service regardless of weather conditions and minimize time of flight service in general.
Taking into consideration the amount of aviation operations, a new software “Mobile apron” was created, which allowed to provide an ultramodern level of service of aircrafts and passengers. Innovative automated system carries out planning and resource assignment, including special vehicles, providers, parking areas for aircrafts, check-in desks.
In 2017 passenger flow was 2,6 million passengers, and to the end of 2018 – 3.1 million. Overall, the main airport of the Republic of Tatarstan increased its aviation operations 42%.
Kazan international airport does not stop developing, thus, the plan of Aviaservice zone building was designed and approved in 2018, appropriate for business-aviation, and will include the following objects:
– Apron;
– Hangar for 2 aircrafts, А321 Type, В-737900/800;
– Hangar for 2 aircrafts, А320319 Type,
– Hangar for 3 aircrafts, Global Type 5000, СRJ-200,
– Warm parking area with repair workshops;
– Industrial building;
– Auxiliary unit building;
– Flying and testing stations;
– Repair and material stock room;
– Mechanization area (shelter);
– Storage and repair area of large equipment (shelter);
– Pilot school with simulator complex;
– Related infrastructure ( checkpoint, boiler house,
hydraulic power station with fire tanks, transformer
Therefore, we are planning to develop in the sphere
of business aviation, a new project is developing, for realization
of which we are waiting for sponsors and interested persons to