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National Award in the Field
of Business Aviation

16 February 2018


General Director Alexey Gorokhov
Alexey Gorokhov
Nominated: General Aviation Operator

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VipJet performs its operations in strict compliance with the International Standards for Business Aviation (IS-BAO) and the integrity of our operation is certified by the International Business Aviation Council. IS-BAO Stage II Certificate of Registration № 120026 was initially granted to VipJet in 2014 and was reconfirmed in 2016.

VipJet has developed and effectively implements Safety Management System and Quality Management System. The effective functioning of SMS and QMS is testified by the near-absence of SAFA findings and the fact that SMS incident/safety reports are kept to a minimum.

VipJet has experienced rapid growth since commencing activities in 2008. The number of aircraft in VipJet’s management is 7 and working actively on new contracts to further expand the fleet size. The Company uses Vnukovo-3 and Sheremetyevo as base airports.

Whilst the Headquarters of the company is in Ireland, the strong focus on Russian and Eastern European market called for the company expansion and in 2011 VipJet opened a representative office in Moscow, Russia. For many years VipJet Limited, Moscow branch has been a prominent figure on Russian business aviation market and has made a considerable contribution into development of business aviation community in Russia, becoming a recognized voice in Russian United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA).

In 2017 the Company opened a sister management company in Republic of San Marino.

Moscow office of VipJet  has gone a long way in its development since the day of its opening and now can be rightfully proud of its unique team of professionals that stand up to the complexity of every-day operation, putting together a sophisticated mosaic of services and tasks that keep the aircraft flying and ground operation smooth and seamless.

Here is some factual information that helps to fathom the complexity of the operation and challengers that VipJet team of professionals is facing on regular basis and overcomes with flying colors:

The Company operates eight different aircraft types registered in five different registries. VipJet team is interfacing on daily basis with Aeronautical Authorities of the five different States of aircraft registration (Aruba, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Ireland and Isle of Man), overseeing the day to day operation in compliance with the requirements of the country of registration and international regulations, successfully resolving such issues as pilots’ licenses validation, continuing airworthiness management and aircraft asset management activities.

The aircraft operation is built on “One contact” principle:  VipJet management program is tailored to meet the needs of the Customer and no matter where the aircraft is located the Customer will have a dedicated, single point of contact for all operational, technical and legal questions.

Owning, operating and managing a private jet can be an all-consuming task. Put simply – VipJet looks after the details of aircraft management while the Customer enjoys the benefits!

VipJet has affiliated European CAMO, operating under EASA Part M Subpart G Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization Approval Certificate that allows the Company to manage the continuing airworthiness of European-registered aircraft in its fleet. Whereas Bermuda and Cayman Approval Certificate in accordance with the requirements of OTAR Part 39 provides legal grounds  for  managing  airworthiness of Bermuda, Cayman Islands and other flag of convenience registered jets.

VipJet has its own 24/7/365 Trip Planning and Flight Support Department dedicated to servicing the fleet of the Company.

The company has solid experience in providing aircraft Acquisition and Sale services to its customers.

Purchase of a business aircraft is a serious financial investment. That is why it is important to select the aircraft that will fully meet the Customer personal requirements. VipJet specialists are extremely knowledgeable and commercially savvy in this sphere and are ready to take care of all stages of this complex process including: market analysis; aircraft search and data checking; aircraft survey and documents inspection; purchase agreement execution; organizing financing; aircraft acceptance and delivery.

Through all the steps of the transaction process VipJet offers advice and support to ensure the Customer makes the right choice and buys the right aircraft.

Charter Sales

In addition to the management of an extensive fleet of private jets, Sales and Acquisitions activities, VipJet is also an active player on European and Russian business jets charter market. VipJet has an established network of charter aircraft, strategically located worldwide and available for charter to suit the clients’ tastes and schedules.

VipJet organizes charter flights to any part of the world on any aircraft type, taking care of the Customer’s  particular needs and expectations, providing  the complete range of services to support our Customers’ individual requirements  including catering, hotels, ground transportation, helicopter hire, restaurants, theatre tickets, flowers… the list goes on.

Being a diversified international company, VipJet takes special pride in creating about 100 jobs in Europe and, most importantly, in Russia. We offer regular trainings and other educational opportunities to the multinational employees of the company, cementing the team by common company values and company culture.

The management team of VipJet is set on expanding the business and committed to introduction of innovative approaches and programs. The Company has embarked on the task of implementing and integrating into its’ daily operation – the FOS, the industry’s most comprehensive schedule and dispatch software which, together with the ARINCDirect’s applications, services and connectivity solutions, will allow VipJet to benefit from the full scope of these advanced and powerful instruments and will help to further streamline VipJet’s operation, enhancing safety and cost efficiency.

The year 2017 has been the year of serious structural changes and company reorganization. The Company has passed the times of change with flying colors and merged reinvigorated and strong.  VipJet is looking into the future with confidence and is ready to move forward on the Wings of the Winner. Paraphrasing Henry Ford we can say: “We want it and we’ll have it”.




Company full name and short name VipJet Limited
Country of registration Russia, Ireland
Address 119027 Zavodskoye Road 19/71 Moscow, Russia


Ground Floor, Block 2, Shannon Business Park, Shannon Co. Clare V14 TD 91, Ireland

CEO Moscow office Gorokhov Alexey

Irish office Andrei Klepinin, Aldis Murnieks

Phone +7-495-1090991


E-mail info@vipjet.aero
Website www.vipjet.aero
Year of foundation Irish Headquarters – 2008 ; Moscow office  – 2011
Nomination Aircraft Management
Number of employees Moscow office- 21

Irish office  – 12

Clearance from fiscal authorities claims Fact Sheet № 81013 dated  07.11.2016

Certificate of Good Standing for the year 2015 and 2016

Lack of any litigations


Certificates of Good standing

Full contact information of the person responsible for Award application

Dina Tkacheva

Deputy General Director – Operations Director

tel: +7-905-5102108

e-mail: DinaT@vipjet.aero


Certificates IS-BAO Stage II Certificate  – first received on the  31 March, 2014; prolongation – 31 March, 2016 (Initial IS-BAO Stage I was received in 2012)
Base Airports Vnukovo-3, Sheremetyevo
The list of managed aircraft

Type and Registration





Global XRS P4-GMS




Наличие допуска к МВЛ (Международным воздушным линиям) Not applicable
Number of Incidents (2015 and 2016) SMS incident/safety Reports – No Accidents

2015 – 10

2016 – 10

SAFA Findings (2015 and  2016) 2015 – No SAFA Check

2016 – 1 SAFA Check – No Findings

Производственные показатели (количество
рейсов ВВЛ и МВЛ) за 2015 и 2016 годы
Total Flight Hours:  8.080 hrs for the year 2015 and 2016